Visual Studio 2010 PerfWatson extension

Today I installed the Visual Studio PerfWatson extension. Briefly, it automatically reports when Visual Studio hangs (for > 2 seconds) to Microsoft so that they can one day fix it.

But a nicety is the PerfWatson Monitor extension, which adds a cool little graphic it adds to the bottom of Visual Studio:

Since I’m running Visual Studio on my lowely netbook which constantly hangs (i.e. doesn’t respond for a few seconds), Microsoft will be getting plenty of data from me!

The Perf Watson blog is here but if you want to install it just go to Tools -> Extension Manager (in VS) and search for Watson in the Online Gallery. Install Visual Studio PerfWatson and PerfWatson Monitor.


Unsubscribe fail

Newsletter Subscription

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2 weeks to unsubscribe? Really? Why’s it take so long?

iTunes sucks balls

Every time I use iTunes, I hate it. And now I have yet another reason to hate it:

itunes upgrade required

Oh fuck off, I don’t believe you. I’m running 10.2.2 and you’re telling me that I need to upgrade to the latest version just to stream a video? Bullshit. You’re making me upgrade because you think you can make me upgrade. Well fuck you, I’m not going to, so I won’t bother watching the iTunes Festival performances either.

SortedDictionary of countries in the world

In case you need it – this might come in handy.

A dictionary of all countries in the world with their ISO 3166 two digit country code.

SortedDictionary countries = new SortedDictionary {

{“AF”, “Afghanistan”},
{“AX”, “Aland Islands”},
{“AL”, “Albania”},
{“DZ”, “Algeria”},
{“AS”, “American Samoa”},
{“AD”, “Andorra”},
{“AO”, “Angola”},
{“AI”, “Anguilla”},
{“AQ”, “Antarctica”},
{“AG”, “Antigua and Barbuda”},
{“AR”, “Argentina”},
{“AM”, “Armenia”},
{“AW”, “Aruba”},
{“AU”, “Australia”},
{“AT”, “Austria”},
{“AZ”, “Azerbaijan”},
{“BS”, “Bahamas”},
{“BH”, “Bahrain”},
{“BD”, “Bangladesh”},
{“BB”, “Barbados”},
{“BY”, “Belarus”},
{“BE”, “Belgium”},
{“BZ”, “Belize”},
{“BJ”, “Benin”},
{“BM”, “Bermuda”},
{“BT”, “Bhutan”},
{“BO”, “Bolivia “},
{“BQ”, “Bonaire”},
{“BA”, “Bosnia and Herzegovina”},
{“BW”, “Botswana”},
{“BV”, “Bouvet Island”},
{“BR”, “Brazil”},
{“IO”, “British indian Ocean Territory”},
{“BN”, “Brunei Darussalam”},
{“BG”, “Bulgaria”},
{“BF”, “Burkina Faso”},
{“BI”, “Burundi”},
{“KH”, “Cambodia”},
{“CM”, “Cameroon”},
{“CA”, “Canada”},
{“CV”, “Cape Verde”},
{“KY”, “Cayman Islands”},
{“CF”, “Central African Republic”},
{“TD”, “Chad”},
{“CL”, “Chile”},
{“CN”, “China”},
{“CX”, “Christmas Island”},
{“CC”, “Cocos (keeling) Islands”},
{“CO”, “Colombia”},
{“KM”, “Comoros”},
{“CG”, “Congo”},
{“CD”, “Congo, The Democratic Republic of the”},
{“CK”, “Cook Islands”},
{“CR”, “Costa Rica”},
{“CI”, “Cote d’Ivoire”},
{“HR”, “Croatia”},
{“CU”, “Cuba”},
{“CW”, “Curacao”},
{“CY”, “Cyprus”},
{“CZ”, “Czech Republic”},
{“DK”, “Denmark”},
{“DJ”, “Djibouti”},
{“DM”, “Dominica”},
{“DO”, “Dominican Republic”},
{“EC”, “Ecuador”},
{“EG”, “Egypt”},
{“SV”, “El salvador”},
{“GQ”, “Equatorial guinea”},
{“ER”, “Eritrea”},
{“EE”, “Estonia”},
{“ET”, “Ethiopia”},
{“FK”, “Falkland Islands (Malvinas)”},
{“FO”, “Faroe Islands”},
{“FJ”, “Fiji”},
{“FI”, “Finland”},
{“FR”, “France”},
{“GF”, “French Guiana”},
{“PF”, “French Polynesia”},
{“TF”, “French Southern Territories”},
{“GA”, “Gabon”},
{“GM”, “Gambia”},
{“GE”, “Georgia”},
{“DE”, “Germany”},
{“GH”, “Ghana”},
{“GI”, “Gibraltar”},
{“GR”, “Greece”},
{“GL”, “Greenland”},
{“GD”, “Grenada”},
{“GP”, “Guadeloupe”},
{“GU”, “Guam”},
{“GT”, “Guatemala”},
{“GG”, “Guernsey”},
{“GN”, “Guinea”},
{“GW”, “Guinea-Bissau”},
{“GY”, “Guyana”},
{“HT”, “Haiti”},
{“HM”, “Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands”},
{“HN”, “Honduras”},
{“HK”, “Hong Kong”},
{“HU”, “Hungary”},
{“IS”, “Iceland”},
{“IN”, “India”},
{“ID”, “Indonesia”},
{“IR”, “Iran,”},
{“IQ”, “Iraq”},
{“IE”, “Ireland”},
{“IM”, “Isle of Man”},
{“IL”, “Israel”},
{“IT”, “Italy”},
{“JM”, “Jamaica”},
{“JP”, “Japan”},
{“JE”, “Jersey”},
{“JO”, “Jordan”},
{“KZ”, “Kazakhstan”},
{“KE”, “Kenya”},
{“KI”, “Kiribati”},
{“KP”, “Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of”},
{“KR”, “Korea, Republic of”},
{“KW”, “Kuwait”},
{“KG”, “Kyrgyzstan”},
{“LA”, “Lao People’s Democratic Republic”},
{“LV”, “Latvia”},
{“LB”, “Lebanon”},
{“LS”, “Lesotho”},
{“LR”, “Liberia”},
{“LY”, “Libya”},
{“LI”, “Liechtenstein”},
{“LT”, “Lithuania”},
{“LU”, “Luxembourg”},
{“MO”, “Macao”},
{“MK”, “Macedonia,”},
{“MG”, “Madagascar”},
{“MW”, “Malawi”},
{“MY”, “Malaysia”},
{“MV”, “Maldives”},
{“ML”, “Mali”},
{“MT”, “Malta”},
{“MH”, “Marshall Islands”},
{“MQ”, “Martinique”},
{“MR”, “Mauritania”},
{“MU”, “Mauritius”},
{“YT”, “Mayotte”},
{“MX”, “Mexico”},
{“FM”, “Micronesia,”},
{“MD”, “Moldova, Republic of”},
{“MC”, “Monaco”},
{“MN”, “Mongolia”},
{“ME”, “Montenegro”},
{“MS”, “Montserrat”},
{“MA”, “Morocco”},
{“MZ”, “Mozambique”},
{“MM”, “Myanmar”},
{“NA”, “Namibia”},
{“NR”, “Nauru”},
{“NP”, “Nepal”},
{“NL”, “Netherlands”},
{“NC”, “New Caledonia”},
{“NZ”, “New Zealand”},
{“NI”, “Nicaragua”},
{“NE”, “Niger”},
{“NG”, “Nigeria”},
{“NU”, “Niue”},
{“NF”, “Norfolk Island”},
{“MP”, “Northern Mariana Islands”},
{“NO”, “Norway”},
{“OM”, “Oman”},
{“PK”, “Pakistan”},
{“PW”, “Palau”},
{“PS”, “Palestinian Territory, Occupied”},
{“PA”, “Panama”},
{“PG”, “Papua New Guinea”},
{“PY”, “Paraguay”},
{“PE”, “Peru”},
{“PH”, “Philippines”},
{“PN”, “Pitcairn”},
{“PL”, “Poland”},
{“PT”, “Portugal”},
{“PR”, “Puerto Rico”},
{“QA”, “Qatar”},
{“RE”, “Reunion”},
{“RO”, “Romania”},
{“RU”, “Russian Federation”},
{“RW”, “Rwanda”},
{“BL”, “Saint Barthelemy”},
{“SH”, “Saint Helena,”},
{“KN”, “Saint Kitts and Nevis”},
{“LC”, “Saint Lucia”},
{“MF”, “Saint Martin (French Part)”},
{“PM”, “Saint Pierre and Miquelon”},
{“VC”, “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines”},
{“WS”, “Samoa”},
{“SM”, “San Marino”},
{“ST”, “Sao Tome and Principe”},
{“SA”, “Saudi Arabia”},
{“SN”, “Senegal”},
{“RS”, “Serbia”},
{“SC”, “Seychelles”},
{“SL”, “Sierra Leone”},
{“SG”, “Singapore”},
{“SX”, “Sint Maarten (Dutch part)”},
{“SK”, “Slovakia”},
{“SI”, “Slovenia”},
{“SB”, “Solomon Islands”},
{“SO”, “Somalia”},
{“ZA”, “South africa”},
{“GS”, “South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands”},
{“ES”, “Spain”},
{“LK”, “Sri Lanka”},
{“SD”, “Sudan”},
{“SR”, “Suriname”},
{“SJ”, “Svalbard and Jan Mayen”},
{“SZ”, “Swaziland”},
{“SE”, “Sweden”},
{“CH”, “Switzerland”},
{“SY”, “Syrian Arab Republic”},
{“TW”, “Taiwan, Province of China”},
{“TJ”, “Tajikistan”},
{“TZ”, “Tanzania,”},
{“TH”, “Thailand”},
{“TL”, “Timor-leste”},
{“TG”, “Togo”},
{“TK”, “Tokelau”},
{“TO”, “Tonga”},
{“TT”, “Trinidad and Tobago”},
{“TN”, “Tunisia”},
{“TR”, “Turkey”},
{“TM”, “Turkmenistan”},
{“TC”, “Turks and Caicos Islands”},
{“TV”, “Tuvalu”},
{“UG”, “Uganda”},
{“UA”, “Ukraine”},
{“AE”, “United Arab Emirates”},
{“GB”, “United Kingdom”},
{“US”, “United States”},
{“UM”, “United States Minor Outlying Islands”},
{“UY”, “Uruguay”},
{“UZ”, “Uzbekistan”},
{“VU”, “Vanuatu”},
{“VA”, “Vatican City State”},
{“VE”, “Venezuela,”},
{“VN”, “Vietnam”},
{“VG”, “Virgin Islands, British”},
{“VI”, “Virgin Islands, U.S.”},
{“WF”, “Wallis and Futuna”},
{“EH”, “Western Sahara”},
{“YE”, “Yemen”},
{“ZM”, “Zambia”},
{“ZW”, “Zimbabwe”}