Running a Win 7 VM on a Macbook Air (2011)

A few days ago I bought a new Macbook Air. I went for the fully pimped one which comes with an i7 and a 256Gb SSD. With the VMware Fusion demo I was able to bring my old laptop over and run it as a VM inside the Mac.

A few notes:

1. VMware’s Migration Assistant wanted to create a VM of my entire laptop, with both C: and D: disks. I didn’t want to bring over the 200Gb D: and the Migration Assistant didn’t have any options to prevent that from happening. So on my old laptop, I installed VMware’s free VMware converter. That had many more options including the option to exclude D:

2. It looks like I don’t need to buy a new Windows license. So far my VM hasn’t phoned home to Microsoft – maybe it will?

3. For networking, although I’m connected on WiFi to my flat’s network on the Mac, the VM sees it as an ethernet connection. Initially I couldn’t connect to the network on the VM because it was complaining that there were no ethernet drivers installed. I had to edit the .vmx file and add a line ethernet0.virtualDEV = “e1000”.

4. Visual Studio is completely red and unusable! I haven’t figured that one out yet.

Update (Dec 2011)

The Visual Studio red problem I had was with VMWare Fusion 3 and Parallels 6, but it seems to be fixed in VMWare Fusion 4 and Parallels 7. Having said that, I don’t use virtualisation and reboot and run Win7 in Boot Camp.