IE9 Beta renders blurry text

I’m just giving Internet Explorer 9 Beta a try, and my first impression is that the text in web pages looks blurry. See:

That’s the same web page viewed in 3 different browsers. Which one looks the worst to you?

Top – IE9

Middle – Chrome

Bottom – Firefox.

I also tried to create this post using’s post editor in IE9, but it didn’t work – I couldn’t change the cursor position using my mouse, and the image upload dialog box wouldn’t appear. Which is ironic since Microsoft is touting WordPress’s IE9 enhancements.

Update: Scott Hanselman has explained the IE9 blurry text issue.


15 thoughts on “IE9 Beta renders blurry text

  1. I found out if you use the compatibility mode with WordPress, you can post. I can confirm the blurry text. If you can, please visit Microsoft Connect and confirm this bug (blurry text) by logging into Connect, doing a simple search for “blurry text” and it should be within the first five or so posted.

    Also if you could please vote for my two Connect bug reports.

    #598701 #554429

    Thank you!

  2. How about this: Go into “Tools / Internet Options / Advanced”, scroll down to the Multimedia section, check “Always use Clear Type for HTML”, then restart IE. Worked for me. :)

    • It works once as mentioned after checking “Always user Clear …..” but after visiting some specific web sites blurry fonts reappear. Then browser needs to be started again.

  3. tsaylor – it doesnt work for me… the blurryness is so huge it hurts my eyes to read any text so i am leaving IE9 for now although i really like the speed of it…

  4. I would like to use IE 9 but the blurry text is hurting and it has never been good for reading and surfing.

    Similar with Windows 7 with blurry texts issue and I had spent many days and weeks with Microsoft Asia support without any solution to resolve the blurry texts. Support from Microsoft Support over here is very poor.

    As for Internet browsing, I am using Opera Browser without any issue. Texts looks crispy and clear, 100% sharp.

  5. I had this blurry text issue when I installed IE9 Windows 7, one of the most annoying things ever. It not only effected IE but all the programs on my PC – nice work Microsoft. I tried all the default font settings etc, none worked. Only way was to do a system restore to before I installed IE9 which worked fine. Then I installed Google Chrome as I wanted quicker internet speeds with legible text – all works fine. I finished the task by emailing the Microsoft support desk and suggesting they fix the blurry test issue or failing that change the name of their product to Windows to Losedows.

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