Microsoft’s Tech Fest 2010 Auckland

A highlight of the year for Microsoft developers is Tech Ed, Microsoft’s only annual developer conference in NZ. Fortunately it’s held just down the road from my work, at Sky City Convention center so I’ve gotten to go to many sessions over the last few years.

The closing party, “Tech Fest” is always a highlight too.  A great venue, free beer, the chance to catch up with former colleagues and university friends, and of course the music. Every year that I’ve been Microsoft has done a great job of booking really good “world famous in NZ” bands to perform. 2007: Evermore. 2008: Opshop. 2009: Katchafire and Elemeno P. and 2010: Midnight Youth and Gin Wigmore.

Midnight Youth at Tech Fest 2010
Midnight Youth at Tech Fest 2010

Midnight Youth did a great job getting the crowd going. They sounded polished and the crowd was loving it. Then Gin came on. Now, I really like Gin’s music and her performance was great, but after being warmed up by a rock band the crowd wanted to party some more. The consensus amongst the punters was that Gin Wigmore should have warmed up the crowd first, and then Midnight Youth it finish off.

Gin Wigmore
Gin Wigmore at Tech fest 2010

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