iTunes sucks balls

Every time I use iTunes, I hate it. And now I have yet another reason to hate it:

itunes upgrade required

Oh fuck off, I don’t believe you. I’m running 10.2.2 and you’re telling me that I need to upgrade to the latest version just to stream a video? Bullshit. You’re making me upgrade because you think you can make me upgrade. Well fuck you, I’m not going to, so I won’t bother watching the iTunes Festival performances either.

12 thoughts on “iTunes sucks balls

    • Negative, iTunes sucks even more because the Apple folks think Windows folks should all assimilate when the should have tailored the UI for the audience. You don’t see European auto makers forcing us to drive on the left!. Get real.

      I wanted to help me wife by importing music into her new iPhone 6s, but could not get iTunes to accept Drag-and-Drop. For real! This many iterations of their product and they still ‘bunk’ it up?

  1. itunes is a pest and should be exterminated. Sadly the ipods are truly nice devices. I use Sharepod, although it still needs the above mentioned plague installed.

  2. I agree. I have been fighting Itoons for years. Duplicates, multiple Match’s, oops – Itoons deleted that song and you have to re-locate it. Reload windows and all of your nightmares start all over again. How could such a big company have architected such a flaming piece of crap? Thank God these dinkus’s didn’t build nuke plants. Pow!

  3. AGREE!! Why people buy apple products is something I will never understand. I think the thought process is something like this: Ooooh look how shiny that is. Boy I really want that nice shiny thing, I don’t care about the price. And by the time they realise they’ve been bent over a barrel and now apple have their hand so far up their asses they can work their head like a puppet it’s too late. So they attempt to rationalise it by saying ‘i’m alternative, I don’t subscribe to multinationals like windows. I like to think about things differently. I’m an andividual. I’m creative. I have covered my overpriced piece of aluminium with alternative stickers.’ Then they go out and buy more overpiced shite.

  4. sorry. That rant came in the wake of my wife posing me the simple question of ‘can you put a movie on my son’s i pad’. Well shit what could possibly go wrong?

      • That has happened in the past. Thank you for the advice I will take a look at handbrake. I have a conversion program but it leaves a watermark. That’s my point though any other device you can simply drag and drop avi files. But no apple will only accept mp4 and it must be synched through the most irritating software… Unless everything you own is apple it is massively inconvenient….

  5. I mean they update this shit like twice a day. why do they update it in a way that makes it worse. Isn’t an update meant to make something better? How do those board meetings go ‘I know, let’s make something that breaks down, loses information, and constantly crashes. Then let’s make all the settings menus in difficult to find areas because people will be stressed out by too many options. Then let’s make sure that, if by some miracle people find the options menu, it is completely useless and doesn’t do anything.’

  6. Thank you for the advice. I did eventually manage to find a third party conversion program but it leaves a watermark so will give handbrake a go. Thats my point though, any other device you can simply drag and drop avi files, but with apple you need several pieces of software to even put things on there…unless everything you have is apple its such an inconvenient mess.

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