Regular expression replace in Visual Studio 2010

I can never remember how to do replaces in Visual Studio using regular expressions, so here’s a quick example.

I’ve got 30 classes that implement BasePage. I want to change this:

public class VariationsPage : BasePage

to this:

public class VariationsPage : BasePage<VariationsPage>

The regex should find:

public class {.*} \: BasePage

and replace with:

public class \1 \: BasePage<\1>

Edit: the syntax changed in Visual Studio 2012 and onwards! Instead of {.*} and \1 it is now (.*) and $1.


3 thoughts on “Regular expression replace in Visual Studio 2010

  1. doesn’t work , need help!!!
    i want to find:
    and to replace with:
    RaisePropertyChanged(=> x);

    x-can be all string

    • Hello gili,

      What version of Visual Studio are you using? I think my blog post was written using Visual Studio 2010. It looks like the syntax has changed to use $1 for substitutions instead of \1, according to this page:

      “For example, the grouped regular expression (\d)([a-z]) finds four matches in the following string: 1a 2b 3c 4d. The replacement string z$1 converts that string to z1 z2 z3 z4> The equivalent syntax in Visual Studio 2010 is {:z}([a-z]) for the grouped regular expression and z\1 for the replacement string.”

      I have just tested this on Visual Studio 2013 (which is the only version I have installed), and this works:


      ​RaisePropertyChanged(=> $1);

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